Popular Escape Rooms

The Sub

In The Sub you are trapped in a sinking submarine where the nuclear reactor is about to go crazy. You must stop the meltdown and create buoyancy in the submarine before you all end up at the bottom of the ocean forever.

Tutankhamun´s Tomb

You are archaeologists on a mission in Tutankhamun’s tomb in Egypt. Suddenly you have explored further than you should and you are trapped in one of Tutankhamun’s secret chambers. Try our bestseller now!

Treasure Hunt

Jump into Leonardo da Vinci’s exciting universe of codes and quirky secrets. You are treasure hunters in search of the sacred sword of the Knights Templar. You must now measure yourself against Da Vinci’s brilliance and creativity.

"First class escape room!"

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"Above all expectation!"

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"Amazing activity!"

Ole Sørnes Askvik, on Facebook

What is an Escape Room?

An Escape Room is a specially designed room filled with exciting puzzles and codes that are solved through logic, creative thinking and teamwork. This entertainment trend is growing quickly in Norway and around the world, and Perfect Escape joined in from the beginning back in 2015. We develop all our rooms ourselves and are passionate about storytelling, high quality and great experiences.


"We wish we could give more than 5 stars!"

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"Must say this was absolutely wonderful rooms!"

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"A fun experience everyone should have!"

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Our packages


In our company package you get games in our popular Escape Room, as well as Perfect Escape Box. Then the party continues with a delicious three course dinner at Hvelvet restaurant. All for only NOK 1390,- pr person (incl taxes). Perfect Escape Box can also be delivered wherever you are. Contact us for more info!

Bachelor / Bachelorette party

Perfect Escape fits perfectly into a stag party! With us you get to experience something exciting and fun that sets the mood for the rest of the day and makes everyone get to know each other well.

Birthday party

Create an unforgettable experience and arrange a birthday everyone will remember at Perfect Escape! You can bring your own food and drink, or we can order pizza and other food for you from Peppes Pizza.

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