Our Games

Treasure Hunt

Jump into Leonardo da Vinci’s exciting universe of codes and quirky secrets. You are treasure hunters in search of the sacred sword of the Knights Templar. You must now measure yourself against Da Vinci’s brilliance and creativity.


The New York Mafia

You are a mafia band in competition for the monopoly of crime in New York City!
The New York Mafia is a LARGE Escape Box that is played in our lobby. Up to 15 participants can cooperate on one box. We can have up to 30 players in our lobby.

The Sub

In The Sub you are trapped in a sinking submarine where the nuclear reactor is about to go crazy. You must stop the meltdown and create buoyancy in the submarine before you all end up at the bottom of the ocean forever.

The Vault

In The Vault, your mission is to prevent the Germans from accessing the Norwegian Bank’s complete gold resources which are locked away in a vault in Lillehammer. The game is inspired by real events that took place in Lillehammer in the days of April 1940.

Tutankhamun´s Tomb

You are archaeologists on a mission in Tutankhamun’s tomb in Egypt. Suddenly you have explored further than you should and you are trapped in one of Tutankhamun’s secret chambers. Try our bestseller now!

Perfect Escape Box

Escape Room in a box! Decrypt the briefcase and resolve the spy hunt hiding inside. The briefcase is packed with codes, locks and mysteries! Played in our lobby by up to 30 people at once!