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What is an Escape Room?

An Escape Room is a specially designed room filled with exciting puzzles, codes and puzzles that are solved through logic, creative thinking and good collaboration.

This entertainment trend has taken Norway by storm for the past five years, and Perfect Escape has been with from the beginning! We develop all our rooms ourselves and are passionate about storytelling, high quality and great experiences!

Our Games

Popular Escape Rooms

Treasure Hunt Escape Room

Treasure Hunt

Jump into Leonardo da Vinci's exciting universe of codes and quirky secrets. You are treasure hunters in search of the sacred sword of the Knights of the Temple and must measure yourself against Da Vinci's creativity.

Will you find the treasure?

The Mad Inventor Escape Room

The Mad Inventor

The year is 2047 and the world population's IQ has been drastically reduced! As the last remnant of reasonably intelligent humans, your mission is to save humanity from complete idiocy by completing the Mad Inventor's Machine in time!

Welcome to a crazy world!

Tutankhamuns  Tomb Escape Room

Tutankhamuns Tomb

You are archaeologists on assignment in the Tutankhamun Tomb of Egypt. Suddenly you have explored further than you should and are trapped in one of Tutankhamun's secret chambers. Can you find a way out in time?

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Our Packages


Perfect Escape has long experience of hosting both large and small groups for team building. The most common package is to rent our lobby with two large screens and seats for 30 people for conference during the day, then play a game of Escape Room and finally the Perfect Escape Box.

Bachelor / Bacholerette party

Perfect Escape gives you the best bachelor / bachelorette party! Our superpopular outdoor game Amazing Race is perfect for parties of all sizes. For smaller groups we recommend playing the Escape Room first and then the Perfect Escape Box in our lobby, preferably with catering or brought food and drink.

Birthday party

Playing Escape Room and other Perfect Escape games is fun for everyone, regardless of age.
We have extensive experience in arranging birthdays for all ages, from 10 to 70 years.
In our lobby we can seat 30 people and we are happy to arrange food, drinks and cakes for you.