Da Vinci´s Treasure Hunt

Jump into Leonardo da Vinci's exciting universe of codes and quirky secrets. You are treasure hunters in search of the sacred sword of The Knight Templars and must measure yourself against Da Vinci's creativity.

The New York Mafia

You are a mafia band in competition for the monopoly of crime in New York City!
The New York Mafia is a LARGE Escape Box that is played in our lobby. Up to 15 participants can cooperate on one box. We can have up to 30 players in our lobby.

Sinking Blücher – 09 april 1940

The date is April 9, 1940 and the Germans are sailing into the Oslo Fjord with all lanterns shut off. You are stationed at the Oscarsborg fortress and Colonel Eriksen has given his command: Shoot the ship! The city of Oslo and the king's life are in your hands.

The Mad Inventor

The year is 2047 and the world population's IQ has been drastically reduced! As the last remnant of reasonably intelligent humans, your mission is to save humanity from complete idiocy by completing the Mad Inventor's Machine in time!

Tutankhamuns Tomb

You are archaeologists on assignment in the Tutankhamun Tomb of Egypt. Suddenly you have explored further than you should and are trapped in one of Tutankhamun's secret chambers. Can you find a way out in time?

Amazing Race

We have brought the Escape Room concept outdoors! You are investigators looking for a criminal gang in Oslo city. The game takes place in the area around Karl Johans gate.

Perfect Escape Box

Escape Room in a Box! Try the entrance exam to our Perfect Intelligence Agency. Decrypt the briefcase and release the spy hunt that is hiding inside. The briefcase is packed with codes, locks and mysteries! Played in our lobby by up to 32 people at once!