Compete against each other for the monopoly of crime in  New York City!
You are now the criminals, and each team is it’s own mafia band.

The New York Mafia is a large, mobile, escape box which is played in our lobby. It can also be ordered to other venues and locations. The game has 5 missions that can be solved in a row or parallell at the same time. The game can therefore be adapted to several different group sizes. In this game up to 15 participants can cooperate on one box. You can also divide in to teams and compete agains each other. The game is also adaptable in time. Choose to play for the ordinary 60 minutes or add 30 minutes to your game time. The New York Mafia is great fun and welcomes you to a real challenge!

On locations outside Perfect Escape the price is 350,- pr person (incl. tax), plus a transport fee from 500,- per booking.